Who We Are

Whether we realize it or not, we ask ourselves philosophical questions all the time: What should I be doing with my life? What
is the ethical thing to do in this situation? Is it reasonable to believe in God? Studying philosophy helps you clearly formulate questions like these, examine assumptions logically, think critically, propose reasoned answers, and defend your position—a skillset that translates to many diverse professions for our graduates, including business, journalism, law, military intelligence, social work, and applied ethics in business, the environment, medicine, and more.

What You’ll Learn

Through discussion-based classes, reading and writing assignments, you’ll study and critique some of the greatest philosophers from Western and non-Western traditions. With UNC Asheville’s liberal arts focus, many philosophy majors pair their studies with other disciplines, including political science, psychology, literature, physics, classics, management, and economics. Many philosophy students actively participate in our student philosophy clubs and in our annual undergraduate philosophy conference, in addition to exciting undergraduate research projects.