Accepted Paper Titles, Names, Affiliations

2018 Accepted Paper Titles, Names, Affiliations

“A Line Drawn Too Sharp: Rorty on Culture and Politics”
Sam Morkal-Williams
Warren Wilson College


“An Apology for the Euthyphro: An Interpretive Essay on Plato’s Euthyphro”
Ryan T. Lockwood
Lee University


“Care, Utility, and the Partial”
Gilliam Phipps
University of North Carolina Asheville


“Emergent Injustice”
Evan Wainright
Virginia Commonwealth University


“The Human Endeavor in Sartre's Dialectical Ethics”
Cody Lathe
Western Carolina University


“The Middle Way: Living Between the Epistemic Extremes with Dionysius and Wolterstorff”
Eli N. Simmons
Furman University


“Needing Not a Teacher: On the Importance of Humility”
Meredith C. Sheeks
Lee University


“Reading Heidegger Reading Hegel Reading Heraclitus”
Lucas Buchanan Carroll
University of North Carolina at Charlotte


“Are Religious Experiences Legitimate Sources of Knowledge?”
Ethan Butt
University of North Carolina – Charlotte


“Sitting Out the Sacred: Remembering Racism with the Kaepernick Protests”
Christopher Rowe
Florida Gulf Coast University


“Sunrise: A Song of One Human, One Metaphor”
Tirza Ben-Ezzer
Florida Gulf Coast University


“Suppose Truth is a Convict—What Then?: Applying Nietzsche’s Philosophy of Language to Dickens’ Great Expectations”
Margaret McCurry
Furman University


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