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21st Annual Southern Appalachian Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

February 7-8, 2020

Our symposium will provide a professional-style philosophical forum for aspiring undergraduates to present significant and original work.  All papers will be evaluated by blind review process.  At the conference, judges from universities with important graduate programs will award prizes for the top three presentations.

We are honored to announce that our judge and keynote speakers this year will be Dr. Jay L. Garfield of Smith College and Dr. Daniela Vallega-Neu of The University of Oregon. Dr. Vallega-Neu will present her keynote lecture, “The Dis-Appearance of Soul” on Friday, February 7th from 5:45-6:45 pm. Dr. Garfield will present his keynote lecture, “The Second Person” on Saturday, February 8th from 4:10-5:10 pm. Both lectures will be held in Laurel Forum, Karpen Hall, as will the rest of the conference events.

Please check back soon for the conference schedule and a list of selected undergraduate papers.


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3rd Biennial Philosophy of Disability Conference

March 6-7, 2020

Our conference features papers that engage with disability studies from a philosophical point of view. We are honored to have as our featured keynote speaker this year Professor Elizabeth Barnes of the University of Virginia, who will be giving a lecture called “Gender without Gender Identity: Cognitive Disability and the Need for Gender Inclusion.”

Check back soon for a link to our Eventbrite page, where you can find more information about and register for the conference.


Past Conferences

14th Annual Southern Appalachian Undergraduate Philosophy Conference