Past Conferences

21st Annual Southern Appalachian Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

February 7-8, 2020

A symposium providing a professional-style philosophical forum for aspiring undergraduates to present significant and original work.  All papers are evaluated by blind review process.  Judges from universities with important graduate programs award prizes for the top three presentations. This year’s winners were:

1st Prize – David Kraus, Covenant College – “Affections and Empathy: Is There a Way Forward on the Puzzle of Imaginative Resistance?”

2nd Prize – Matthew Tuten, Western Carolina University – “Mnemotechnology, Transgression, and the Genealogy of the State in Nietzschean Philosophy”

3rd Prize – Noah McKay, Covenant College – “The Many-Persons Argument for Dualism”

Our distinguished judge and keynote speakers this year were Dr. Jay L. Garfield of Smith College and Dr. Daniela Vallega-Neu of The University of Oregon. Dr. Vallega-Neu’s keynote lecture was “The Dis-Appearance of Soul” and Dr. Garfield’s was “The Second Person.” All conference events were held in Laurel Forum, Karpen Hall.



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14th Annual Southern Appalachian Undergraduate Philosophy Conference