Majors & Minors

For those seeking a career in philosophy, teaching at the university level is an attractive but highly competitive option. There is also an emerging demand for expert in applied ethics, especially in the areas of medical ethics, business ethics, and environmental ethics. If you plan to go to seminary, the philosophy major is an excellent choice. A solid foundation for law school also can be built by this major, since the skill it takes to prepare good briefs and successfully argue cases are similar to those developed in philosophy courses.

Declaration of Philosophy Major or Minor

Students can choose from the general major in philosophy or minor in history. To declare a major or minor, students must satisfy the LANG 120 requirement and complete the Declaration of Major or Minor form that must be signed by the department chair.

Double Majors

Philosophy combines well with a variety of disciplines, including political science, psychology, literature, physics, and classics. Clarity of analysis, cogency of reasoning and development of valid generalizations will enhance your study of other majors such as management or economics, which aim toward a specific career.

Course Requirements

Review the course requirements in the UNC Asheville Course Catalog for the philosophy major and minor.

Philosophy Degree Planner

Curriculum Changes Effective Fall 2014

New Philosophy Curriculum Major

40 Hours Required, all in 4-hour courses 

Core Courses

  • 101 (Logic)
  • 200 (Intro to Ethical Theory)
  • 230 (Metaphysics and Epistemology) 
  • 499 (Undergraduate Research) 

12 Hours in the History of Western Philosophy

  • 250 (Ancient) 
  • 255 (Medieval) 
  • 260 (Modern) 
  • 352 (Contemporary) 

4 Hours in the History of Non-Western Philosophy

  • 313 (Asian Philosophy) 
  • 315 (Islamic Philosophy) 
  • 317 (Africana Philosophy)

4 Hours from the Following Group

  • 303 (Philosophy of Religion) 
  • 304 (Social/Political Philosophy) 
  • 305 (Philosophy of Law)
  • 307 (Philosophy of Science) 
  • 310 (Aesthetics) 

4 Hours from the Following Group

  • 302 (Philosophy of Sex and Gender) 
  • 320 (Existentialism) 
  • 365 (Feminist Theory)

*Competencies fulfilled in 499 and there are no requirements for courses outside of the major 

New Philosophy Curriculum Minor 

20 hours in philosophy 

  • 4 hours from the following group: 100, 101, 200, 230 
  • 8 hours in the History of the Western Philosophy: 250, 255, 260, 352
  • 4 hours in the History of the Non-Western Philosophy: 313, 315, 317
  • 4 additional hours at the 300 level or above